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Learn About the Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy for Men's Sexual Health

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can happen to anyone, but when it happens to you, it feels like you’re all alone. However, you’re actually in the same boat as millions of other guys. Researchers report that up to 76.5% of men experience some form of ED, the inability to get or maintain an erection. 

But knowing it’s common doesn’t make it less frustrating. We understand. At Harmony Aesthetics in Los Angeles, California, our team of expert medical professionals knows the stress and anxiety ED can cause. We also know that a healthy sex life is key to men’s physical and mental health as well, which is why we offer a drug-free, noninvasive treatment to get you back to normal. Here’s how it works.

What kind of ED do you have?

Many physical factors can lead to ED, including, but not limited to:

But ED isn’t just a physical problem — it can cause and stem from stress, depression, and relationship problems. Whether you have an illness or emotional challenge, your ED may disappear when your condition resolves. But when ED is the result of blood vessels in your penis that aren’t working well, the answer may be a simple treatment called shock wave therapy. 

Understanding shock wave therapy

Erections may seem almost like an involuntary reaction, but they’re really a complex and coordinated effort that involves your brain, nerves, muscles, and blood. If you have a serious illness or mental health issue, it’s best to approach your ED by treating the underlying problem first. 

When poor blood flow to your penis is the problem, shock wave therapy may be your answer.

Shock wave therapy is a low-intensity wave of energy that’s administered externally, so there’s nothing invasive about it. It’s also painless, though many men report a tingling sensation. The treatment takes only about 15-20 minutes, so you don’t need to take time off work.

We hold the shock wave device over your penis, targeting specific areas where the energy wave can penetrate your skin and reach your blood vessels, repairing and strengthening them. While nothing noticeable happens on the outside, inside your tissues are remodeling, and your blood flow is increasing. 

How shock wave therapy improves your sexual health

Any time a dysfunctional body part resumes its normal role, it contributes to your overall health, but when your ability to have sex returns, the benefits abound beyond mere physical wellness. You can expect:

And when your sex life is going strong, you reap all kinds of side benefits, such as:

Clearly, shock wave therapy stands to improve your life in multiple ways, so if you want to find out if this gentle, but highly effective, ED treatment could be right for you, call us at 424-372-9088, or request an appointment online today.

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