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Live in the Body You Desire with CoolSculpting

If looking back on pictures of your youth makes you yearn for a better body, CoolSculpting® treatments may be the solution. This revolutionary technology is addresses those stubborn pockets of fat that come with age, regardless of how often you exercise or how well you eat.

Harmony Aesthetics Center offers CoolSculpting technology as a comfortable, in-office experience, helping you erase stubborn fat to create the slimmer, sexier body you desire. You get all the benefits of body contouring without a single incision or the need for downtime.

The science of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting body contouring technology works by freezing fat cells beneath the skin, destroying their structure so that they die. In some cases you’ll feel a little tugging as cooling panels are used on stubborn areas of fat, targeting specific areas for treatment.

Once the fat cells die, your body’s natural processes eliminate the dead cells as waste, without you needing any follow-up treatment. It takes time for your body to process all of it, but over time the treated areas start to noticeably slim down.

Redefine areas that hold fat

CoolSculpting technology is versatile, allowing you to treat a variety of areas that tend to hold stubborn deposits of fat. This fat is common because of the way your body distributes and stores fat, especially as you age.

With CoolSculpting, you can treat areas like your:

Fat can also be eliminated from the area beneath your buttocks, slimming down your figure and enhancing your natural curves.

While CoolSculpting technology is powerful enough to address difficult areas of fat, it does so without damaging surrounding tissue. In fact, the technology is so versatile, you can even address the fat stored underneath your chin that gives you a double chin.

Custom treatment just for you

The team at Harmony Aesthetics Center creates custom treatment plans for their patients living around Los Angeles, California based on each person’s cosmetic goals. Each individual plan is designed to give you exactly the body you’ve been dreaming of. You may need more than one visit to achieve your goals.

Treatment with CoolSculpting is painless, and immediately after treatment you can return to your usual activities while your body gears up to get rid of the destroyed fat cells.

Fat freezing isn’t meant to treat obesity, but rather to help you eliminate those last few pounds of stubborn fat that you can’t get rid of with exercise. If you’re within reach of your goal weight, CoolSculpting may be the answer you’re looking for to trim off those difficult fat deposits without resorting to liposuction.

Reach your long-term goals now

With CoolSculpting, the benefits of body contouring are worth the wait. Optimal results are usually seen within 12 weeks of treatment, and you can expect your results to last for years to come.

Once fat cells are destroyed during treatment, they can’t grow back. As long as you follow a healthy diet and stay physically active, your body will remain slim and nicely contoured.

In fact, many who have seen the results of CoolSculpting sessions have been inspired to stick with a much healthier lifestyle to retain their results.

If CoolSculpting treatments sound like the right solution for you, schedule your consultation with us online or by phone.

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