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Skin Tightening



Skin Tightening

A dilemma we all face with age is the loss of our skins tightness and elasticity on our face and body. Slowly and gradually wrinkles start to appear and sagging of the skin develops due to collagen loss. This might lead you to think “why is collagen production is so vital to our skin? The fact is that collagen is an essential protein that provides elasticity to the skin and as we age the production declines. The delineation starts in our mid-twenties and continues to decline every year after that. As a result, the plump, tight and youthful glowing skin we had in our early twenties starts to diminish. 

To correct or reverse the early signs of aging you might have tried using different over-the-counter skin tightening creams and haven’t achieved the results you desire. If this is you, it might be time to consider non-surgical and non-invasive skin tightening services, which are guaranteed to deliver results and satisfaction over a series of treatments. 


At Harmony Aesthetics Center Med Spa, we specialize in several types of non-invasive skin tightening methods, all five of which are guaranteed to improve skin laxity anywhere on your face or body. These include: 

✔ NeoSkin by Aerolase

✔ Focused Radiofrequency Accent LX

✔ NIR with Soprano LX

✔ Q-switch (Clear Lift) with Harmony LX

✔ Pixel Perfect with Harmony LX

Each method provides excellent results and is clinically proven to tighten the skin, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles or resurface to achieve glowing radiant skin. The result is a more youthful, glowing and refreshed appearance. 
So, if you desire a non-invasive and non-surgical approach to skin tightening with no to minimal downtime (inquire regarding which treatments offer zero downtime), then one or more of these treatments paired together will deliver the results you're looking for. 


by Aerolase Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation

Aerolase is a unique and versatile non-invasive laser offering over 30 approved FDA treatments.

NeoSkin by Aerolase delivers Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation of skin tone and texture, improves fine lines and wrinkles and corrects hyperpigmentation of any skin type. Skin rejuvenation with NeoSkin is truly a non-invasive procedure since the probe does not contact the skin. The unique 650 Microsecond Pulse Technology allows quick, powerful, and pain-free treatments with no downtime. Treatments with NeoSkin will leave your face, neck, and chest glowing and youthful looking while improving the signs of aging. 

The Benefits of NeoSkin 

✔ Pain free with No downtime

✔ Total Skin Rejuvenation no matter your skin type or color

✔ Removes Sun and Age Spots

✔ Improves Skin Tone and Texture and Stimulates   Collagen Production

✔ Reduces Pore Size

✔ Treats Melasma and Rosacea to Even Skin Tone

✔ Wrinkle Reduction

✔ Treats Hemangiomas

✔ Safe for ALL Ages

✔ Treats Ingrown Hair (PFB)

How Does NeoSkin Work?

Aerolase patented Light Pod non-ablative laser system design delivers gentle yet powerful 650-microsecond laser pulse duration to eliminate pain associated with over-stressing the skin. NeoSkin’s 1064 nm wavelength and pulse duration provide the deepest skin penetration to effectively treat all types of skin and a wide range of age-related skin problems. Treatment may require a two-step process depending on the condition and goal for your skin.

Does NeoSkin Have Any Side Effects?

No, as mentioned earlier NeoSkin is entirely non-invasive, requires no downtime and has no side effects. Remember, NeoSkin is gentle and quick, so only a mild warming sensation may be felt, and no prolonged redness so normal daily activities can be resumed.

How Soon Are Results Visible with NeoSkin?

Results from NeoSkin by Aerolase can be noticeable after a single treatment. NeoSkin improves the skin's tone, texture, color, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and leaves the skin glowing and youthful. To achieve dramatic results, your nurse specialist will recommend a series of four to six sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart. The best news is that once you achieve your desired results, NeoSkin can be utilized as needed to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. For some, this is every six months and for others once a year. Remember aging is an ongoing process, so a good maintenance program is essential to look your best at all ages of your life.

Accent XL

Accent XL utilizes the power of controlled heat therapy to smoothly tighten the skin.

It heats the skin’s inner layer, also known as the dermis thereby promoting new collagen production. New collagen production stimulates the skin, reducing the look and feel of wrinkly skin. The Accent XL method can also be used on most parts of the body, such as stomach, back, tights, face, neck, love handles, jowls, bra fat and upper arms and it is completely safe.

The Benefits of Accent XL

✔ Shapes fat cells

✔ Remodels connective tissues

✔ Tightens and tones the skin

✔ Causes collagen fibers to contract and multiply

✔ Helps manage cellulite

How does Accent XL Work?

As mentioned earlier, Accent XL uses a unique mechanism wherein heat energy is transmitted to the tissue directly, thereby causing rapid rotation of the water molecules. This rotation then generates friction, which produces powerful and effective heat. The heat and energy generated from this method produces volumetric contractions within the skin, thereby contracting existing fibers and stimulating new collagen formation.

The procedure takes about 25 minutes. In general, three to six treatments are recommended for best results, which can be done at 2-4 week intervals.


Near Infrared skin tightening laser system

NIR, also known as Near Infrared skin tightening laser system, is a safe, effective and non-surgical procedure to tighten the skin by rebuilding collagen. It uses a revolutionary light-based solution to restore the tautness and tone of the skin. It tightens, smoothes and tones the skin, thereby giving you an improved overall appearance.

The Benefits of NIR

✔ No downtime

✔ Non-invasive

✔ No pain; just gentle warming

✔ Fast and effective results

✔ Treats all skin colors with no side effects

✔ Best results at a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery

✔ Stimulates detoxification to reduce the appearance of cellulite 

How Does NIR Work?

NIR uses an infrared light source that penetrates and heals the skin’s inner layer without harming the outer surface. The light heats the collagen under the surface of the skin, which causes the collagen fibers to contract, tightening skin laxity and improving the overall skin texture without damaging the surface or tissue. 

The Near Infrared Light is hardly visible to the naked eye. It falls in the spectrum of 700 nm to 2500 nm. Powered by LED, it has a gentler delivery than laser. 

NIR is applied with a precise hand-piece that causes the fibers to contract and tighten. The procedure heats the skin tissues but doesn’t destroy them; it kick-starts cellular repair and collagen production. 

This unique light technology is adjusted to match the needs of each client. The hand-piece is passed over the targeted area of the skin. It heats the skin until it reaches a working temperature of between 39°C and 42°C. The temperature is then maintained for 10 to 15 minutes. The entire procedure is completed within 30 to 40 minutes. 

It is proven to deliver targeted skin tightening and firming results for the forehead, neck, chin and crow’s feet. Furthermore, collagen production under the surface of the skin naturally adds volume to soften fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look visibly youthful and tighter. 

The NIR treatment is less aggressive than other methods like laser resurfacing and chemical peels. It also provides results and a quick fix solution without the risks associated with plastic surgery.

Does NIR Treatment Have Any Side Effects?

No, the treatment is not at all painful although you will feel a warm sensation. The hand-piece used in the procedure has a built-in cooling system, which prevents the surface layer of the skin from becoming too warm. 

Following the treatment, you should expect slight redness over the treated area. The redness occurs because the treatment involves heating the skin at a relatively high temperature. Some people may experience mild swelling. However, both these side-effects diminish within 24 hours at most. Furthermore, there is no downtime, which allows you to continue with your daily routine immediately after the treatment is complete.

How Soon Are Results Visible with NIR?

Although the results are noticeably visible after the first treatment, the best results appear over two to three months as the skin forms new collagen. In most cases, one treatment is enough; however, some people may require three to six treatments at intervals of up to two weeks.

Q-switch & Pixel Fractional

Laser Handpiece with Harmony LX

How Does Q-Switch & Pixel Fractional Laser Work?

Q-Switch is a laser treatment that delivers fast results by quickly and safely heating the dermis layer of skin; typical treatment can take 20 minutes, a little longer for larger treatment area. Since treatment takes place in the dermis, your skin is untouched.

Pixel Fractional Laser treatment delivers thousands of targeted microscopic perforations to the top 15-20 percent of the skin in a highly controlled manner to stimulate collagen production and resurface the skin. This treatment revitalizes and supports a healthy new layer of skin over the treated area. A full treatment of a single area can range from 15 – 20 minutes.

Does it Have Any Side Effects?

Since Q-Switch treats the dermis and not the outer layer of skin, only minor redness and in some cases slight swelling can occur but will disappear within a couple of hours after the treatment is delivered.

Pixel Fractional Laser impacts the outermost layer of the skin as well as the dermis. This means the skin once treated will display tiny pixelated patches on the skin’s surface, sometimes appear white. The treated area will look red and feel slightly warm similar to a sunburn for the first day, then the skin will feel dry for 4 -5 days returning to normal after 6 days.

How Soon Are the Results Visible?

The wonderful thing about Q-Switch is results can be visible with as little as one treatment. However, optimal results may require three to six sessions. So, if you’re looking for a treatment with no downtime to achieve tight, youthful, glowing skin, Q-Switch might be your best option. 

Results with Pixel Fractional Laser can be very significant after only a few days from a single treatment. The skin will appear glowing, youthful and radiant. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damaged skin will look refreshed. Skin texture and tone will have improved, and skin spots will lighten. For ultimate skin rejuvenation and to correct sun damage to the skin, a series of three sessions spaced one month apart is recommended.


  • Q-Switch

    Q-Switch laser is also known as Clear Lift laser and is a non-ablative laser ideal for treating dyspigmentation, minor skin imperfections as well as balancing the skin’s texture and tone. Q-Switch is also fantastic at tightening skin and stimulating new collagen production. This method is an excellent go-to treatment for anyone who wants plump, tight and youthful looking skin with zero downtime. 

    Pixel Fractional 

    Pixel Fractional laser is an ablative laser and differs from a non-ablative laser by focusing the laser energy on the outer layer of skin directly. The fractional laser creates thousands of microscopic perforations (seen as pixels on the skin) in treated areas, leaving the surrounding untouched skin to assist in collagen production. This treatment is an excellent choice to rejuvenate sun damaged skin, treat fine lines and wrinkles, deep lines, large pores, hyper or hypo-pigmentation, acne scars and can completely rejuvenate facial skin as well as treat the neck, chest, and hands. Since the fractional laser leaves the surrounding skin completely intact downtime is minimal. Skin flaking of the treated area is possible after 4 - 5 days.


  • The Benefits of Q-switch

    ✔ No downtime, just glowing naturally looking tight skin

    ✔ Treats below the skin’s surface stimulating collagen

    ✔ Pain free, just a gentle warming sensation

    ✔ Quick results that can be immediately noticeable

    The Benefits of Pixel Fractional Laser

    ✔ Intensive collagen rebuilding

    ✔ Targeted treatment approach for acne scars, pigmentation issues and rough textured skin

    ✔ Skin resurfacing without the downtime of a chemical peel

    ✔ Treats deep set lines and wrinkles

    ✔ Excellent treatment for sun damaged skin of the face, neck, chest and hands

At Harmony Aesthetics Center Med Spa, we celebrate our clients and pride ourselves on providing the best Medical Spa experience with the happiest staff in a luxurious and welcoming environment.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you by offering some of the most advanced treatments available, delivered by our experienced staff of joyful professional nurse specialists. Give us the opportunity to pamper you while we treat you. Schedule a consultation with our experts today!

For more information or to schedule a skin tightening treatment, contact us today.

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