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Loose skin might not make you physically uncomfortable or prone to injuries, but you might not find your jowls and skin folds to be very attractive. At Harmony Aesthetics Center in Sawtelle, Los Angeles, our nurses Melanie RN and Holly RN lift your skin to enhance your features with nonsurgical polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifts. Call Harmony Aesthetics Center or book an appointment online for tighter skin on your face, neck, or body today.

PDO Thread Lift Q & A

What is a PDO thread lift?

Until recently, the only way you could truly tighten and lift sagging skin was with complicated surgeries. Now, at Harmony Aesthetics Center, you can get similar, albeit slightly more subtle, results with a procedure called a PDO thread lift. It's a minimally invasive skin lifting procedure for your face, neck, or body that uses strategically placed threads to lift and firm your skin.

Unlike surgeries with comparable results, PDO thread lifts don't require any skin removal. The threads, made of a compound called polydioxanone, hold your skin in place and stimulate new collagen growth. Eventually, they dissolve away while your own tissues hold the results in place for 1-3 years.

What should I expect to happen during the PDO thread lift procedure?

The team at Harmony Aesthetics Center assesses the severity and distribution of your skin laxity before creating a plan for your thread lift. During the procedure, your provider loops the PDO threads under your skin's surface using a long needle. They pull the threads, and your skin, back and upwards to create a lifting effect for your face and neck. While this sounds uncomfortable, the procedure doesn't require anesthesia, and most patients report that it doesn't hurt.

You might need just a few threads or a couple of dozen to get the effect that you want. Once they're tight and secure, you can leave the office immediately. You'll see the results right away, but your skin might look dimpled for about a week before smoothing out. 

Your provider doesn't need to remove the threads because they disappear by themselves. This means that, following your hour-long appointment, your treatment is complete.

Am I a candidate for a PDO thread lift?

The team at Harmony Aesthetics Center discusses your medical history, current health, and treatment goals to determine whether a PDO thread lift is an appropriate procedure for you. You might be a candidate for a PDO thread lift if you:

  • Are 35 or older
  • Have jowls on your jaw
  • Have deep wrinkles and folds
  • Have a turkey neck
  • Don't want to have surgery
  • Are generally healthy
  • Expect realistic results

The team advises you of the steps you'll need to prepare and recover from a PDO thread lift successfully. If it's not a good fit for you, they help you explore other treatment options or changes to your lifestyle.

Book a consultation by phone or online at Harmony Aesthetics Center to learn more about PDO thread lifts and find out if you're a candidate.

PDO Threadlift

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